ICT Infrastructure Solutions

Employing or sourcing for the right people to construct and manage a data centre infrastructure project can be a formidable task.

Our project team engineers and managers are well trained, highly experience and have vast technical knowledge in multi-discipline engineering services platform.


Qualified and experienced Data Centre professionals (CDCDP) and highly skilled, competent and experienced PMP qualified Project Managers are accessible for consultation in areas such as:

Computer IT Hardware Planning

  1. Conceptualisation and space planning;
  2. Architectural, Electrical and mechanical engineering;
  3. Design consultation;
  4. Site selection and consultation services; and
  5. IT Hardware Migration Planning


We will put together a feasible plan based on your organization’s business sustainable strategies, current and future IT requirements as well as possible technology growth. A comprehensive study is undertaken and a report generated that identifies the electrical, mechanical and space requirements, along with layout drawings, cost estimation and tentative construction schedule.


A comprehensive design entailing detailed layouts for power system, cooling system, fire suppression, security surveillance, network connectivity, telecommunication, environmental monitoring and energy efficiency factors.

Construction Management

We will ensure that all stages of construction, work progress are well managed and personnel safety are in order

  • Qualified consultants in the field of electrical, mechanical and operations are available for turnkey solutions. We have a good network of qualified sub-contractors to work with in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  • Qualified SCEM, CDCDP engineers and managers to ensure technical compliance and solution feasibility.
  • Experienced, skilled and qualified team of technicians and highly skilled, competent and experienced PMP qualified Project Managers